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Cooking some cool stuff at ABC!

Aggiornamento: 16 feb 2023

For how long did I think about starting a blog? Well, a long time.

As a Tech and Crowdfunding professional, I am inevitably exposed to a lot of innovation, ideas, and resources worth sharing. So why not gather them into one place?

So I took advantage of this new fresh website re-design, powered by Federico Morando (our Senior Designer) and Malak Albaw (our Project Lead), to start writing and sharing my thoughts.

Quick blurb on what to expect from here.

ABC | Andrea Baldereschi Crowdfunding Agency | Projects and News

We will be posting here some premium content on the projects that we help come to life, with founder's interviews as well as in-depth analysis of their products. Also, my considerations on the industry and tricks on how to make your crowdfuidng successful.

Why is this called ABC? We have been calling Andrea Baldereschi Crowdfunding Agency -->> ABC for a long time internally. So here we are, finally sharing this with the world 😊

NHIT | Next Hits in Tech

Yes, I'm a big fan of acronyms. The latest one: NHIT - Next Hits In Tech. We are creating a community of people who are excited enough about tech, gadgets, and games to join our newsletter and learn about the NEXT projects in crowdfunding. In other words, we will be curating a selection of products that haven't been launched yet, and present them to you.

Do you want to know more? Check this out

So what's next?

2022 was a great year for us: with Everless, UND1C1, S-Arkade, LAAS, and more... We raised more than $1.2M and created a lot of meaningful relationships.

Well, as it starts, 2023 look even better!


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