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From Kickstarter to Exit in 18 Months 💸

Aggiornamento: 8 ago 2023

Hi there!☀️

It was just 18 months ago when I met Marco Fazio and Giulia Rovida - founders of LITO Travel - and we launched the LITO Foldable Suitcase on Kickstarter.

After the Kickstarter, I was offered the opportunity to join the company as co-founder and Marketing Science Advisor: I said “yes”, of course. 😊

After one year of working with them and Malak Albaw (from our team), I’m glad to announce that we have just sold the company and are preparing for the next one.

How did we do it?

Let's look at some essential steps.

1. First and foremost: make a great product. Of course, buyers will want to see it, test it, and - possibly - love it. So your product is the main driver of their final decision. Make sure it’s amazing.

2. Invent something cool, in a market that has huge demand.

If you want to exit your company quickly after Kickstarter, you must be selling in an existing market. So invent something new - and excellent - in a market with steady and consolidated demand.

3. Figure your logistics out.

Marco had an entirely functioning and efficient supply chain in place. Your manufacturing plan's reliability will attract many questions from potential buyers.

4. Launch a successful Kickstarter.

Of course, that's our job. And again: it was all about creating a solid pre-launch community that converted massively in the first hours.

5. Set up your e-commerce

Shopify, WooCommerce, it doesn't matter. Make sure to have a fully functioning D to C shop right after your Kickstarter - with all the right analytic tools in place. You will need Ads on Meta, ads on Google and other platforms, and a solid promotional plan. Metrics have to look good.

6. Lock more partnerships

More than your e-commerce is likely required. Find Businesses that order your product in batches and work with other stores that will feature you on their homepage. You must show buyers that your product has demand beyond your store.

7. List your company on

That's when you enter into “I'm exiting mode,” and the team at will be doing the job for you.


Best of luck on your crowdfunding journey - toward your exit!




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