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Inside my coffee meeting with Kickstarter’s CEO

Here's what I think

In 2015, I started my journey in the crowdfunding industry with Remidi. Little did I know that crowdfunding would soon become my life. Fast forward to today, and I'm working 24/7 to help creators from every corner of the world bring their campaigns to life on Kickstarter. And you know what? I love it.

And more so, it was hard to imagine that the CEO of Kickstarter a few years later would have accepted my invitation to have a coffee in New York. The reality is that it all just happened, and I want to share how I feel about it.

Take away all the obvious "what a great meeting and what a great person" that anyone would say even after a standard - or a boring meeting.

But this meeting was not just any standard or boring one. Everett's energy, passion, and spirit to take Kickstarter to the next level were palpable. And you can see that by how he speaks about this industry and by hearing his thoughts on how to improve Kickstarter. And honestly, also by the commitment and time he dedicates to people like me. None of this is granted.

How many CEOs would play the "I'm unreachable" role so that they don't have to bother listening to the players of their industry? How many of them spend time engaging with those who work around their company?

The good ones. Of course, there are many out there, but I'm so glad to say that Everette, the new CEO of the company on which I built all of my businesses, is one of them.

Do I know that because of the coffee we had? Not only. I know it because he quickly implemented things on Kickstarter that the community had been asking for years.

The integration with Meta Pixel is number 1. It's a HUGE deal!

So, Everette: happy to have you at the center of such a great company and great community of creators. Really excited to see what the future holds for Kickstarter.

Cheers to the future!


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