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Success Stories

Milano AutoClassica

Spread over different pavilions, the exhibition displays cars for all tastes and from all eras, from the most iconic classics to the most sought-after Youngtimers.

80000+ tickets sold

About Milano AutoClassica

Milano AutoClassica is the Classic and Sports Car Show, loved and followed by all enthusiasts. The Fiera Milano district is one of the most beautiful, largest and best equipped exhibition centres in the world. In addition to iconic models from the past, Milano AutoClassica also features a selection of prototypes and unique pieces that will make tomorrow’s history.

How it started

Milano AutoClassica, the Classic and Sports Car Show hosted in the exhibition spaces of Rho Fiera Milano, is one of the most eagerly-awaited events for motoring enthusiasts.


Thanks to Andrea's team, Milano AutoClassica successfully generated over 80000+ tickets for the November 2023 event. The show's social media presence reached a staggering 6 million car enthusiasts, with attendees coming from Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and, of course, Italy.

Nuwa Pen

In a dynamic collaboration with Blazon, guided by Andrea's team, the Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign for Nuwa Pen rallied the support of 743 backers, contributing to over $200K.

$201,904 Raised

Nuwa Pen is a groundbreaking smart pen developed through a collaborative partnership with Blazon. This innovative writing instrument seamlessly bridges the gap between traditional handwriting and the digital world.

Nuwa Pen revolutionizes note-taking by digitizing and organizing handwritten content. It offers the ability to effortlessly capture precise digital copies of what is written on paper, eliminating the inconvenience of scattered notes and paper clutter.


This innovative solution transforms your smartphone into a gateway to the stars. Hestia has achieved remarkable success, with nearly $4,129,095  in funding and the support of almost 13,983 backers.

$4,129,095 Raised

Andrea's team played a pivotal role in guiding Hestia's journey to success.


Hestia, a project by Vaonis, has found its place in our agency's portfolio. This revolutionary device enables users to access the cosmos like never before. By integrating cutting-edge technology with your smartphone, Hestia eliminates the need for complex setups or extensive astronomical knowledge.


By simply attaching your smartphone to Hestia's ocular, aligning it with your desired celestial target, and utilizing our user-friendly app, you can open up a realm of exploration and discovery.