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Blog | Building a new crowdfunding tool

Today is different; I'm writing about something new.

About something we have been cooking for a few months after exiting LITO. Something that is now getting ready to start.

I'm excited to introduce you to the go-to place to finance your business together with your community.


The months after a Kickstarter are usually much more challenging than expected.

💰 Creators need cash

🤸 Sales take a while to stabilize

📈 Investors want to see growth before financing

This is why Marco Fazio, Akshay Gupta, and myself are building a new tool at

With HYPEAL, we empower creators to issue tokens (coins) and community members to purchase them in exchange for benefits, rewards, and potentially a financial return.

How's this different from reward-based crowdfunding or equity crowdfunding?

Reward-based crowdfunding works at any moment in your business history, and it's a great way to start.

However, you can't run a Kickstarter before shipping the products of your previous crowdfunding campaign.

Equity crowdfunding, instead, requires you to have solid business metrics and traction for a campaign to be successful.

HYPEAL, today, is a lighter and simplified version of crowdfunding for all startups and creators with a community.

Is your project/company a good fit?

We believe that the perfect moment for an HYPEAL is in the months after a successful Kickstarter to Indiegogo campaign when you have a few hundred/thousands of backers that believe in your product and vision.

How can you test it out?

We are now investing 5,000 USD in Advertising budget on 5 selected companies:

🦾 to maximize their raise

🤙 to prove and start our business

Do you want to be one of those companies?

Let's start this new ride!




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