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1:1 Session + 2 Weeks Slack Channel

Let's design a strategy to maximize your crowdfunding success.

  • 3 ore
  • 699 euro
  • Google Meet

Descrizione del servizio

A session first, and a Slack channel right after with our team so we can help you kick off your project. Here's what our session is going to like: - Product intro: you will fill out a form so that I know the ins and outs of your product/service/project - Crowdfunding intro: I will introduce you to the 5 Golden Rules of Crowdfunding - Crowdfunding Strategy: we will talk timing, pricing, and techniques to build your Pre-Launch community - Crowdfunding numbers: there are ways to forecast the exit of your crowdfunding campaign before you launch, we'll see them together. - Paid Media: I will introduce you to the latest technique to efficiently collect Leads on Meta and other platforms to populate your Waitlist. - Public Relations: how to handle journalists? How to engage with Press? Let's understand how to wisely invest (or not invest) your PR budget. - Reward structure: numbers are important, so let's talk about how you should price your product/service. - Stretch goals & Add-ons: there are several way to engage with your community, we will study how to handle - Post-campaign challenges: let's talk about the potential outcome of your campaign and how to handle the communication with your backers. And also... Any other topic you want to touch in the crowdfunding / marketing space. You have me for 3 hours and 2 weeks on a Slack channel. So we have plenty of time to talk!

Dettagli di contatto

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