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From Crowdfunding to a successful E-commerce!

We helped them to turn their idea into a reality.

Crowdfunding is a great method for raising funds for your ecommerce website and at the same time grow your audience. With crowdfunding , you won't get money, but rather something more valuable. It's validation from the marketplace. You may use crowdfunding to determine whether or not people care about and would really shop at your web store. On crowdfunding sites, the prototype of your e-commerce site is sent directly to an active community of users who will be your website's eventual clients. Experience the power of word-of-mouth advertising! A new business often needs a lot of time and money to get out there and connect with customers. Virality, though, is the key to crowdfunding. Fans of your prospective business are not only potential consumers; they are also a dedicated marketing team prepared to draw attention to a brand that has recently launched by sharing information on social media or simply in person with their friends. A significant advantage of crowdsourcing is the actual funds . All of your webstore's costs, such as creating the inventory and hiring a small staff, will be financed from someone else's money. The best thing about the funds raised is that, they are exchanged for non-material rewards such as enjoyable shopping experiences and distinctive goods,  in the case of e-commerce. Crowdfunding provides advantages that other traditional financial methods do not, such as the capacity to quickly develop campaigns and increase the brand awareness. A crowdfund helps you not only raise money but also expand your audience by focusing more on existing customers and creating a huge impact to draw in new ones. On Kickstarter, we usually expect to see 100% more organic traffic on top of the traffic coming from the creator's community. In other words, if we put together 100 backers during the pre-campaign, we can expect 100 more backers pledging for the project through organic traffic on Kickstarter. In the following, we introduce some of the creators whom we helped crowdfund on Kickstarter, that now have successful e-commerce sites.


LITO is the foldable suitcase that helps you save 2.5x storage space, made from 50 plastic bottles.

By Marco Fazio

1210% Funded

Dates: Sep 14th -> Oct 14th (30 days)


Partnered with Lufthansa, the world's leading airline.

It is now available on Amazon

Entered the Japanese and Korean Markets

On the way to receiving a US trademark


Scribit is a write & erase robot that allows you to draw any content sourced from the web - and update it in real time.
3282% funded
Dates: Jun 5th -> Jul 5th (31 days)

A diverse, complete, and successful e-commerce 
It is now available on Amazon
More than 2,586 miles of drawings globally
Was TIME Best Invention 2019
Was showcased at "The World of Banksy" exhibition in Milan, Italy.


Discover the Ultimate Breathing Experience | Our patent-pending Active Shield optimizes the airflow in your mask for maximum comfort.

141% funded

Dates: March 2nd -> April 2nd (2021)


It is now available on their website with different models and designs

Protected the athletes of sporting events PolimiRun 2021

Won the Red Dot Design Award!

Besides their e-commerce, they are selling their product through different online-shops


Ohmie means design revolution. Reclaimed, organic and 3D printed in a fully circular loop.

1315% funded

Dates: July 6th -> August 5th (2021)


Besides their e-commerce, they are selling their product through different online-shops

Ohmie on press


Introducing 2 Exclusive Handcrafted Leather Bags, for a fraction of the price of popular luxury brands.

551% funded

Dates: Jul 12th -> Aug 11th (2022)


Now, they are selling 6 different categories of products on their website.

They expanded their product line, and they are introducing a new product available for pre-order!

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