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Bring your idea.
Build a community.

Raise money to
make it real.

Exceeding Funding Goals, One Campaign at a Time


Remidi T8

$348,438 raised


Remidi T8

$348,438 raised

Schermata 2023-01-04 alle 16.41.23.png

Remidi T8

$348,438 raised


Remidi T8

$348,438 raised

Schermata 2023-01-04 alle 16.33.17.png

Remidi T8

$348,438 raised


Here's Andrea - the brains of crowdfunding

I know what it takes.

With over $5 million in successful funding raised since 2020, I've been helping creators turn their idea into reality through crowdfunding platforms. 


As a co-founder of two companies (Remidi, 2016) and (Scribit, 2018) that started off from Kickstarter, I know what it takes to bring your ideas to life.  


I offer expert guidance through every step of the crowdfunding process, from crafting a compelling campaign to securing the right supporters. 


What Makes Our Agency Different

Social Media Strategy

Our agency provides a comprehensive social media strategy to effectively reach your target audience and drive funding for your project.


We offer high-quality content creation services, including copywriting and visual content, to help you tell your story and engage with backers.

Advertising on Social Media

We help you maximize your exposure through targeted advertising on social media platforms to reach a wider audience and increase the chances of successful funding.

Your Data

Our agency provides regular data analysis to help you understand your campaign performance and make informed decisions to optimize results and reach your funding goals.

The average amount raised

by all crowdfunding campaigns is $824.

Learn the tricks to 

boost that 

by 100X or more.

Your Vision, Our Expertise

"I had the pleasure of working with Andrea on the Scribit Kickstarter campaign, and he certainly knows his crowdfunding game.

Any creator can benefit from his knowhow and experience."

Iddo Sternberg

Cofounder, Jellop

"Working with Andrea was the perfect combination of professionalism, moral support and industry knowledge I needed as a founder. The right mentor can help you avoid mistakes and steer you in the right direction. "

Marco Fazio

Founder, LITO

"Having Andrea as part of the team during our Crowdfunding campaign was, to say the least, essential. Campaign turned out to be successful, sure, our FOLDABLE OFFICE is pretty great! ;)  Andrea was our lighthouse and brought us safely to the finish line."

Giulio Masotti

Founder, Wood-skin

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Working with the Best Clients and Partners

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  • What is Crowdfunding and how does it work?
    Crowdfunding is a method of raising funds for a project or venture by soliciting small contributions from a large number of people, typically via the internet. Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter allow creators and entrepreneurs to present their ideas and projects to a global audience and secure funding from backers. The backers receive rewards or equity in exchange for their support. Crowdfunding provides an alternative to traditional funding methods, such as loans or venture capital, and allows creators to bring their ideas to life with the support of a community.
  • What makes your Crowdfunding Agency different from others?
    Our Crowdfunding Agency sets itself apart by offering personalized and expert guidance throughout the entire process. With over $5 million in successful funding raised, I, Andrea Baldereschi, bring my expertise and proven strategies to every project I work on.
  • How much does your Crowdfunding Agency cost?
    Our fees vary based on the specific needs of each project. We offer flexible pricing options and are happy to provide a quote based on your individual needs and goals.
  • What is the typical time frame for a Kickstarter campaign?
    The typical time frame for a Kickstarter campaign is 30 to 60 days. However, the exact length of time will depend on the specifics of each project. I always recommend to work 3 months prior the campaign launch to create a solid foundation of great supporters.
  • What services does your Crowdfunding Agency offer?
    Our Crowdfunding Agency offers a range of services to help you bring your project to life, including: Landing page design & launch, Meta Pixel and Conversion API installation, Lead Generation campaign setup and management on Meta, Welcome email automation on MailChimp, and Weekly Performance reports. These services are designed to increase the chances of successful funding and ensure a seamless and effective campaign process.
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